Jams on Tap


Before Prohibition, Rye Whiskey was one of the most popular alcohols in the United States. Thanks to the revival of the Old Fashioned (thank you, Don Draper), it has become popular again. Rye is spicy and amplifies the tartness of the raspberries; and chipotle is an even spicier flavor to add a kick at the end. This versatile jam pairs well with creamy and tangy cheeses such as chevre, ricotta, or cream cheese with crackers. Try it on a pulled pork or salami sandwich, on roasted eggplant, with a fontina grilled cheese, or as a spicy and sweet ice cream topping!

Ingredients: raspberries, sugar, rye whiskey, chipotle powder.


We would like to give a champagne toast to this atypical strawberry preserve, because she is the cat's meow! Sweet strawberries and dry champagne romance the palate, while a hint of fresh mint pops at the end to make sure your kisser is ready to smooch. Pair with fresh ricotta on toast, or top your pancake stack. Add a dollop to dry champagne, ice cream, Greek yogurt, or shortbread cookies. In regards to a cheese and cracker appetizer, it pairs well with punchy blue cheese like Stilton or Gorgonzola. It's the Clara Bow of jams.

Ingredients: strawberries, sugar, champagne, mint leaves, lemon juice, natural fruit pectin.


Blackberries grow wild all over North America in backyards, ditches, and open fields. If one drops, you have a tart and flavorful bush! This jam pairs America's berry with perfumey lavender buds and local Colorado honey. Both lavender and honey contribute health benefits when consumed, making this not only a warm, herbal, comfort jam, but good for your body and mind. Sweet bourbon adds to the comfort level of this soothing jam. It is a perfect topping for fresh cream tarts, Greek yogurt, panna cotta, bloomy, buttery, and creamy cheeses; or as a jelly doughnut infusion. Try pairing this with a Camembert & prosciutto sandwich on rye for brunch!

Ingredients: blackberries, Colorado honey, lemon juice, natural fruit pectin, bourbon, lavender


This jelly is an ode to Colorado's craft brewing industry, as well as a tribute to the beautifully mild Colorado Summer. Not only does this jelly capture the flavorful wheat beers of Summer patio-drinking after a long hike, the chamomile infusion invokes the clean scent of open mountain meadows. While the Fall and Winter beer jelly pairs well with dark meats, this beer jelly is lighter and pairs well with fresh white meats and fish. If you're an herbivore, try it on a wheat cracker with pepper jack cheese.

Ingredients: apples, wheat beer, sugar, chamomile flowers, lemon juice, natural fruit pectin.


This jelly gives an ode to dark beer in Colorado, the state ranked number one in beer production per capita. We even make beer in our own home; don't worry, Prohibition is over! This jelly lends the Autumn flavors of a sweet applebase married to a local daddy nut brown ale with flavors of roast, chocolate, spice, earthy hops, and savory cardamom. Try this jelly on a grilled cheese made with Brie and sliced apples or pears. You can also mix it with mayo to top your burger. (Available in the Fall and Winter).

Ingredients: apples, nut brown ale, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon, grains of paradise, lemon juice, natural fruit pectin.


Coloradans anxiously await the arrival of the Western Slope's magically sweet and juicy Palisade peaches late in every Summer, and order by the crate-full. The bees donate their Summer meadow wildflower honey; and the busy bees at the local distillery contribute a warm and sweet bourbon. Add in the softly bitter tanins of white tea to balance the sweet, and you can sit on a porch swing with this Southern treat. Try on a multi-grain cracker with aged goat Gouda, with butter on whole wheat toast for breakfast, mixed into a peach pie, as a topping on Greek yogurt or warmed atop a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Dip you fried coconut shrimp in it, or the ladies and gents over 21 can mix a dollop in their bourbon cocktail.

Ingredients: Colorado peaches, Colorado honey, black tea, bourbon, lemon juice, natural fruit pectin.


Cherries are one of the few foods to naturally contain melatonin, a mood enhancer and sleep-aid. They are also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Life is a bowlful of cherries; especially when mixed with Amaretto!  This jam gives a triple almond punch from the natural almond essence in the sour cherries, Amaretto - an almond liqueur, and almond extract. For your next party, top small rye toasts with Camembert, prosciutto, and this preserve. Mix with more cherries into a late Summer pie, or top your deep chocolate ice-cream for a chocolate-covered cherry treat.

Ingredients: sour cherries, amaretto, almond extract, sugar, lemon juice, natural fruit pectin.


This jelly is a real Winter holiday. It conjures memories of cozy mountain fireplaces, warm wool blankets, and drinking mulled wine with friends and family apres ski - even if you've never done that before! This is a grape jelly for children as well as for the more sophisticated palate. Made only from red wine quality grapes, we mix in cinnamon, cloves, fresh orange zest, and love. Our end product gives grape jelly a new name. Try it on a traditional peanut butter sandwich, marinate mini sausages and serve with a toothpick, or top grilled toasts served with Cremont, salami, and olive oil drizzle. Serve with red wine, of course!

Ingredients: red grapes, cinnamon, orange zest, ground cloves, sugar, lemon juice, natural fruit pectin.


The exotic Greek-goddess of the jams, our fig is a sensual treat for your tastebuds and senses. The intoxicating flavors and scents of mission figs, deep blood oranges, apres dinner port wine, and Madagascar vanilla bean are sure to warm up Autumn and Winter days. Try baking it inside a tart, or creating a gourmet pizza! We hear it's scrumptious with prosciutto, goat cheese, arugula, and wild mushrooms; and don't forget the Port with that pizza, doll.

Ingredients: figs, blood oranges, Madagascar vanilla bean, port wine, sugar, lemon juice.


Rhubarb - that old-timey, earthy, sour, stalk that reminds us Spring is here. My grandmother, lover of rhubarb, asked that I make this jam, and I'm glad she did. It's a real hit for those who love the combination of rhubarb and sweetness, like sweet-tart rhubarb pie. Hibiscus flowers lend not only a natural vibrant magenta color to the jam; this sweet and sour herb has been used for centuries to maintain respiratory and cardiovascular health. And no, grandma, that is not water in your tiny purse flask, that's vodka! We weren't about to use moonshine in this classy jam; it's the good hooch. Pairs well with strong blue cheeses, and makes a great Greek yogurt and ice cream topping. Try mixing with strawberries to bake small hand pies, or put a dollop in a vodka martini.

Ingredients: rhubarb, vodka, hibiscus flowers, sugar, lemon juice.


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